Gravity Flow racked inventory, picked & packed to match order & processed for shipping

Custom Goods Class A warehouses with RF coded, racked inventory facilitates documented picks to match orders and links orders to shipping and bill of lading documentation. The EDI-Electronic Data Interchange allows customers to automate receiving and shipping order requests electronically. RF Code scanners and Hand-held Terminals process orders and allow movement of inventory to process and fulfill work orders. The CG warehouse floor becomes yours…transparency through technology. CG has terminals in-house for all of the leading shippers…FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS as well as leading trucking firms.

  • Inventory Control, RF based Receiving, Put Away & Shipping
  • Web based inventory visibility, Order Processing, Crystal Reports
  • CG WMS provides the flexibility to respond “Real Time”

CG provides real-time management of
customer inventory on the warehouse floor